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Legacy Wood Products is a privately owned, full-service mill. We deal exclusively in heart pine and cypress products. Other mills can address your hardwood and imported-wood interests. We feel that by focusing on only two classes of wood, we can more readily assure your complete satisfaction.

Legacy Wood Products, founded in 1998, is located in Watkinsville, Georgia, just outside of Athens. Being situated in the heart of the Old South, we have ready access to the mills and warehouses whose impending demolition to make room for the growth of the New South affords today's homebuilder a unique opportunity to recover this prized wood.

Please note that all of Legacy Wood Products' reclaimed materials come from buildings. Some heart pine and cypress mills utilize logs reclaimed from lakes and rivers. Manufacturing products from water-reclaimed logs presents special challenges, and there are a number of firms capable of meeting those challenges. At Legacy Wood Products, however, we have decided that our best opportunity for satisfying your expectations for your dream home lies in the beams, posts, and decking to be found in the naturally dry environment of the mills and warehouses of the Old South.

Legacy Wood Products seeks to position itself in a very esoteric market as the maximum value provider of reclaimed wood products. Since heart pine is a non-renewable resource, and since the cost of reclaiming it is quite high, we seek to control its cost to our clients in every way we can. We are not big on glitz. While many mills show you glossy pictures of products long ago sold to someone else, and others have brochures that would merit display in an art museum, marketing of this type can cost quite a bit of money… a cost ultimately borne by the client.

If you already have an interest in, and an appreciation for, the value of heart pine products, we feel that we do not need to add unnecessarily to its cost with expensive marketing ploys. We run a "nuts-and-bolts" operation, placing our emphasis on our equipment and our inventory, not on advertising. We are glad that you have chosen to visit our web site. We would be delighted to have you visit our mill. Either way, while you are with us, we will seek to assist you in a professional, informed manner; we want to provide you with the information you need to determine what the best value is for your family in your new home.

The two owners of Legacy Wood Products are Mr. Ray Goff and Mr. Jeff Bell. Known throughout the state and much of the South, Ray Goff is the former quarterback and head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs. Today, Ray is involved in a number of entrepreneurial enterprises from real estate to restaurants. Jeff Bell is a lifelong resident of Watkinsville. He is also the president of Bell-Harrison Construction, and often utilizes heart pine from Legacy Wood Products in both his commercial and residential projects. Their partnership, Legacy Wood Products, is founded upon their personal integrity. They are committed to the quality of service and products with which their employees provide you.

When you deal with Legacy Wood Products, you will deal with a company that wants to share ownership with you in transforming your vision into a home. If that vision includes reclaimed heart pine products, we have the experience, equipment, and personnel to make it happen.

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